7 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photographer

  1. Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem with hiring a boudoir photographer! A lot of women come to me very nervous about booking a session. There are a range of reasons for this, societal pressures, low self-esteem, negative self-image, body dysmorphia, physical or mental trauma etc. Being nervous is completely normal! A boudoir session is an incredible way to see yourself in a new and positive light. I will use flattering natural light and the best angles for your unique body to show your beautiful self in a way you could only dream of. My clients consistently tell me they have never felt so beautiful after seeing their photos. Not only will I be your personal hype girl, I will also be there every step of the way to make sure you are in a safe and comfortable environment where nerves start to melt away with every minute that passes. If you are looking to put a little pep in your step, book a boudoir session!
  2. Empower yourself and take back control of your own body! Booking a boudoir photographer can be one of the most powerful experiences of your life. Embracing your unique beauty and taking control of your own body is the best feeling. No one here is going to tell you how to dress, what not to wear, what parts of your body you have to hide. Nope! Not here. You decide what to wear, what to show in a sensual, unique, empowering way. I have a lot of clients that are looking to take back control of their image, their body and their life and this is a great way to do just that. 
  3. Gift for your partner. While I am all about doing this for yourself and I am a firm believer that a boudoir session is one of the most powerful experiences we can have for ourselves, It is also an incredibly unique and unexpected gift we can give to our partners. Whether it’s an engagement present, wedding present, anniversary, valentines day present or just because, booking a boudoir photographer is sure to knock the socks off of your partner! 
  4. Embrace your unique body. It’s not news how much pressure society has created for women to look “perfect”. What does perfect even mean? There is no such thing. All bodies are beautiful because they are unique and what a boring world it would be if we all looked exactly the same. I say embrace your natural bod! It’s what makes you, well YOU! All shapes, sizes, birthmarks, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles etc. are all wonderful visual stories that got us to where we are now. Let’s look at life lines in a new light! Instead of saying “My crow’s feet are so awful!”, say “ My crows feet are years of laughter and great times”. Our body tells a story and that is beautiful. 
  5. Pamper yourself! What is more fun than getting all dolled up with professional hair and makeup, a mani/pedi, getting to play dress up in multiple sexy outfits and having the whole day focus on yourself? Not much! Booking a boudoir photographer for a session is really a chance to focus on yourself for a day and put work, partners, kids, stressors or anything else that causes you worries to the side and just enjoy an experience focused entirely on you! Sit back, unwind and let’s pamper the hell out of you and have fun doing it! 
  6. Do something that scares you, even if it scares the hell out of you! Have you always wanted to do something completely out of your comfort zone? This is it my friend. What’s more challenging than stripping away your inhibitions (and your clothes) and finding a new freedom you didn’t even realize you needed. When we challenge ourselves, we grow in new, positive and healthy ways. Everytime something scares me, I think to myself, “I have to do this”, and everytime I do, I am so incredibly grateful I did. There is something so empowering about doing something you are so scared of and coming out at the other end of it powerful, brave and free. 
  7. Celebrate and treat yourself! A boudoir session is a chance to celebrate yourself, your journey and to honor the person you have become. Maybe you just received a promotion at work, are on the other end of a really hard time in your life, want to showcase a new body or crossed a new milestone in your life, celebrating yourself and your body can be an amazing way to create new memories and have images to look back on at a very important time in your life. Let’s be honest, as women we feel incredibly guilty when we treat ourselves or spend money on ourselves. I say F that! Learning to treat yourself without feeling guilty is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It’s hard to take care of other people when we are not taking care of ourselves first and it’s so important for everyone to learn to love ourselves, take care of ourselves and treat ourselves without feeling guilty. Treat yourself! You deserve it! Book a Boudoir photographer now!