frequently asked questions

Simple answer is no. If you are looking for a photographer to change your appearance, modify your weight, take out scars, completely remove your life lines, give you fuller lips, make you look 20 years younger or change your inherent appearance in any way, then I am not the right photographer for you. High quality cameras do emphasize every detail of your skin so I do smooth your skin and I will take out some temporary blemishes but that is it. I want my clients to feel beautiful for who they are which means editing in a way that shows off your natural beauty.

I do! Payment plans are best if you book your session 3-12 months in advance. If you would like payment plans for a last minute session, we can definitely do that but no products or images will be ordered or delivered until the images/products are paid in full. Reach out to discuss options with me!

Hair & Makeup is included in the session fee (without tip). If you choose to do your own hair & makeup that is fine as well but keep in mind makeup artists are trained to blend makeup lines and match your skin tone so that your photos come out beautiful and natural. If you do your own hair & makeup and it doesn’t come out how you want it, I cannot edit out or fix your makeup in post processing. If you choose to do your own hair & makeup, the session fee will not be discounted.

You will need to bring your own lingerie/outfits to wear to your session but if you are unsure what to wear, I can help! See my list below for some amazing ideas on where to buy lingerie/outfits for all body types. I sometimes have clients that are not comfortable in lingerie and that is okay too! This session is for YOU! If wearing your partner’s favorite t-shirt, a full body suit or wearing sexy pajamas feels more like you, I am so here for it!

Absolutely! I will even get into the position before you to help you visualize what to do! I will put you in flattering poses that show off your natural beauty!

Only with your written permission! Due to the personal nature of boudoir photography, I will never post a photo of you anywhere online unless you say it is okay in writing nor will I pressure you to sign a model release. The decision is 100% up to you!