Boudoir image idea includes black body suit

10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Your Next Shoot

Here are 10 boudoir outfit ideas to inspire you for your next boudoir photoshoot!

  1. A body suit. I have found, this is probably the most popular outfit to bring to your boudoir session! Body suits are a great and flattering way to showcase your beautiful body and they are a lot more versatile than lingerie. They come in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, and can be paired with a variety of unique accessories to complete the look. These are super trendy right now so you can find them virtually anywhere! Some of my favorite bodysuits are from Yandy and Adore me  
  2. Lingerie. Lingerie is a classic choice for a boudoir session. Whether it’s lacy, strappy, bold or simple, there is a wide range of possibilities and something for everyone. I have seen everything from plain cotton, to leather and lace!
  3. Robes. A robe is another great boudoir outfit idea that will add a touch of glamour to your session. Want to feel like a goddess!? Add a super flowy luxurious robe over your lingerie and lots of men (or women) will show up to fan you with palm leaves or feed you grapes. Just kidding, that won’t happen but you can imagine the look right? 
  4. Over-sized sweaters. Some of my clients who are a little more on the timid side will start their first outfit with an oversized sweater! It is a more comfortable and cozy starting point to your session so you don’t feel like you have to strip down into your skivvies right away. An over-sized sweater will create a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere to your session and will help ease into your other looks. 
  5. Sporty look. You have all seen the iconic photos of Calvin Klein! Remember Mark Wahlberg’s famous photo? You can do a matching pair of black on black or white on white or any other color that calls to you! These make great black and white photos too! 
  6. Jeans. Bring your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, high rise denim or any other favorite pair of jeans and you can wear either a classic white or black bra on top, or nothing at all! 
  7. A sheer cover-up. This can be anything from a lacey beach coverup to a sheer diamond studded dress! This look is so unique and goes really well over your lingerie or with a thong underneath.
  8. A leather jacket, a jersey or a white shirt. This can really be anything unique that you are comfortable wearing and it will add an edgier look (Leather jacket), a sporty vibe (a jersey) or “i am wearing my partners favorite white shirt and they are gonna think it’s so sexy” vibe. 
  9. Accessorize! Another amazing boudoir outfit idea is to add accessories. This will bring your outfit to the next level! This can be anything from a diamond necklace to some gold heels! Common accessories are earrings, necklaces, heels, Doc Martens, body jewelry, fishnet stockings, furs, etc.
  10. Your beautiful naked self. This is 100% not required but many of my clients love finishing their session wearing nothing at all! We can add a satin sheet to wrap around parts of your body or we can just finish the session with just you in your gorgeous skin.

Reach out to discuss even more boudoir outfit ideas, or follow this link to learn more about me and my work!

Boudoir outfit idea includes red body suit and robe

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